Reflecting on HLTH 2023

Scriptly's Booth at HLTH

HLTH 2023 is officially in the books! With the conference center now empty and thousands of attendees heading home to all corners of the globe, we can start to unpack the insights and innovations that were proudly on display the last few days. While the exhibitors all had very different products and services, a few themes of innovation stood out.

1. AI is here to stay

It is no secret that AI is the current hot topic in healthcare and the projects on display at HLTH were no exception. AI innovations from almost every therapeutic area were on display this week. Whether talking about the patient monitoring tools from care.ai, call center solutions from Boost Insurer VoiceAI, universal genomic screening from MultiplAI, or Scriptly’s own AI-powered audit risk scores, the scope of use for this emerging technology seemed endless. The investor community in attendance was quite clear that AI-powered solutions are only as valuable as the problems they are trying to solve. Creating an AI solution in search of a problem or simply employing AI for its buzzword value does not move the needle.

2. Patient Engagement is Paramount

Innovative solutions still require patient participation. With all of the things vying for a patient’s attention in modern society, the value of your solution is limited by your ability to engage patients in their own care. This year’s attendees made it clear that patient engagement does not look the same across all therapies or all solutions. The rise of SMS and voice solutions, such at Scriptly’s Patient Engagement Platform, have gone a long way towards keeping patients engaged in their care. Other modalities also made an appearance though. For example, Casana was proud to say that they have submitted a 510K application for their heart health-monitoring toilet seat’s blood pressure capabilities.

3. Interoperability

The final measure of this year’s solutions was their ability to integrate with the other systems in the industry. Whether providing data to predictive AI systems, providing critical health history to first responders, or providing timely shipping notifications, the interoperability of systems and their ability to adapt to the broader system needs was the feather in the cap of many successful solutions on display.


Innovation in the healthcare space is strong and there are a lot of exciting product coming down the line. Undoubtedly, many of the innovations seen this week will become the commonplace solutions of tomorrow. HLTH has been and remains the premier conference for innovative technology and this year was no exception. If you missed us at the show this year, we would still be happy to chat with you! Fill out our Contact Us form and a member of our team will reach out.