Jeanine Campa-Lako

How long have you been a pharmacist?

I have been a pharmacist for seven years after graduating from Midwestern University in 2017 and have worked in a variety of pharmacy settings, including retail and mail order.

Why did you get into pharmacy?

Growing up, my younger brother was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and my father had Type 2 Diabetes. Seeing the effects that these diseases had on their lives, I made it my mission to learn everything I could about their illnesses and the respective treatments.

I chose to pursue a career in pharmacy so I could contribute to helping my family members, as well as others, in managing and treating their diseases.

What advice would you give women considering a career in pharmacy?

Your experience is valuable.

I didn’t realize how much women have to offer to the pharmacy profession until I had my daughter in 2020! As a mother and professional, I developed a particular passion towards women’s health. At Carepoint Pharmacy, we help women at different stages of life and, thanks to Scriptly, we are able to help patients across the country.

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Jeanine Campa-Lako